Frequently Asked Questions

For questions regarding the VCA / VCO / VCU training courses, questions related to books for audit / standardization / certification or substantive questions about (new) information or expenses, please contact the SSVV.
Nadrukkelijk BV takes care of the distribution and invoicing of the VCA books. For questions about shipping, as well as administrative questions about the invoice, reminder, copy invoice, please contact us by email: You can also reach us via the contact form.
When placing the order you will receive the invoice via e-mail. The payment goes through Ideal, Paypal or invoice in advance.
Certainly for orders outside the Netherlands it is mandatory to have the VAT number on the invoice. This has to do with the company’s tax return.

The VAT number is also called the VAT identification number.
The shipping costs within the Netherlands are € 5.50 per package. We deliver via GLS with track & trace and package insurance.
To prevent the sales tax from being evaded, the shipping costs must also be taxed with VAT. This makes it impossible for a company to evade sales tax. If this arrangement did not apply, companies could easily put a lower amount on an invoice and the difference in shipping costs (in that case tax-free) could work.

It is also often unclear how much VAT should be charged on shipping costs. The rate is determined by the nature of the goods. When the goods are charged with the high VAT rate (21%), this also applies to the shipping costs. With a low VAT (9%) the low VAT rate applies. However, if goods are listed on the invoice with both the high and low VAT rate, the high VAT rate must be charged. Invoices with goods that are free from sales tax do not have to charge VAT.
Outside the Netherlands we use a number of zones.
If the country is not listed, the costs are variable and on request.

  • Zone 1 (€ 9,95)
    België, Denemarken, Duitsland, Luxemburg
  • Zone 2 (€ 15,00)
    Portugal, Spanje, Zweden, Verenigd Koninkrijk (UK)
  • Zone 3 (€ 18,50)
    Estland, Finland, Hongarije, Italië, Letland, Litouwen, Monaco, Polen
  • Zone 4 (€ 47,50)
    Noorwegen, Zwitserland
When an order is placed from a company outside the Netherlands and a valid VAT (VAT) number can be passed, the VAT settlement on the invoice is canceled. The company must declare the transaction itself in the country of origin and would otherwise have to pay tax twice. When an order is placed from outside the Netherlands and a valid VAT (VAT) number cannot be submitted, the standard VAT rate of the Netherlands is applied.